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Portuguese laurel

The Portuguese laurel, also known as Prunus Lusitanica, is an attractive, evergreen plant that can be used to create a full hedge. It has a dark green color which gives it a classic and luxurious look.

Its leaves are smaller when compared to other cherry laurel varieties.

The young stems of the Portuguese laurel contrast beautifully with the dark green leaves. The shrub produces small, fragrant flowers in June. The flowers, which usually turn into berries, attract birds, bees and butterflies.

The berries and leaves of the Portuguese laurel are poisonous to animals and humans. So it is important to be careful if you are going to grow these.

When is the best time to plant Portuguese laurel?

It is possible to plant a pot grown Portuguese laurel at any time of the year. If you plant these during the summer months, March to October, you must be prepared to give it enough water until the end of October. If these are planted between November and February, you don’t need to water them as they will likely establish themselves before the dry season arrives. However, it is still important to keep a close eye on them to make sure they get enough water for the first year.

How big does the Portuguese laurel get?

It is possible to keep the Portuguese Laurel at any size, even at 91 cm. If not pruned, it grows to between 457 and 609 cm high.

How fast will the Portuguese laurel hedge grow?

The Portuguese laurel has a growth rate of 45.7 cm per year. It does not grow as fast as a laurel tree, but it will still be able to form a reasonable hedge over a considerable period of time.

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