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Trafalgar Court,
2 Milton Street,
S1 4JU

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Review byAlex Deadman09/06/2008
This venue does not need an intro sentence, it just needs one word: rock.

The Venue
The venue is grimy. It’s not in a bad state or dirty, in fact the walls are adorned with some interesting and dark future-goth style murals, it's just grim. It’s cavernous, with three floors and three rooms, and is easily located at the edge of the city centre. The huge Corporation logo should be enough to guide you.

The People
Whether you're watching a Finnish death metal group or even attending one of the rarer dance events Corporation always has a suitably impressive feel and leaves you with a sense of a big night out. Punters include the classic rock profiles with everyone from moody indie boys to panda like goth girls as well as your old skool long-haired Def Leppard lovers.

The Music
The in-house events that rotate each week are fairly static. All flavours of guitar influenced mayhem can be found here. From EPM, metal, goth-rock, 80s cheese to seriously uncompromising death metal, there is surely something for everyone. Ravers are occasionally blessed with a one-off Bank Holiday dance event where drum and bass, jungle, house, techno and reggae can be heard.

The Drink
Drinks are not too expensive. Newcastle Ale and cider are big favourites with the standard crowd, although spirits are guzzled too. The floor tends to get a bit saturated towards the end of the night after a few too many energetic air guitar moves. To combat this Corporation started using two pint plastic cups which enable drinkers to swing their arms around without giving the nearest person a soaking.

The Last Word
Somewhat of an institution in Sheffield and very significant for any young band hoping to one day make it big. Every city needs a good rock club and Corporation lives up to every expectation.
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One of Sheffields biggest and best, The Leadmill is sure to lead to a good night had by all.

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